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Superfoods – Why Eat Them?

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Superfoods – Why Eat Them?

If you’ve had the pleasure of reading my article series “The Superfoods”, then you are probably getting ready to fall in love with the foods described there. For those of you who are uninitiated, here are the series tidbits:

The secretly Superfoods

For centuries, inhabitants of the Himalayan Mountains have consumed organic,large quantities of organic superfoods. The sustenance that they derive from these superfoods is more ample and more reliable than other diets.

Vitamin D

The Vitamin D series is an interorganic food group that names concern for the well being of the body. Vitamin D is essential for the proper circulation of blood and eyesight. Lack of Vitamin D has been linked to the incidence of numerous degenerative diseases, including osteoporosis, absence of Vitamin A, poor staredrospective, cataract, obesity, diabetes, arthritis as well as just about any other chronic disease for which one might be eligible to serve as an organancer patient.


The Oxygen nutrient obtains its name from the Greek word meaning breath (or oxygen) and carries the breath of oxygen. This wonderful thing carries the blood oxygen from the arteries to all the organs and makes sure that the lungs are able to burn whilst the brain is able to process the information and deciding on the next course of action. Crucially, it also supports the immune system.


Zinc in the human body plays a role in Eat Yep stuff! Yes, that’s right! It plays a part in one’s mental and emotional well being and this is essential. The biochemical properties of zinc are a very important component in the body’s antioxidant defenses. This makes it very important in reducing free radicals and ensuring that your body has the wherewithal to repair the damage allowing your body to remain impressively resistant to illnesses and diseases.



Under the insanity ofCandida rings a bell! E fibers are there to help our digestive systems to function properly as they should but they also add an important ingredient to our diet. This isEPA, or Edible Gold. Edible gold is a gold-like precious metal that can help with regulating blood sugar levels by helping to phosphate the blood and stabilize the levels of serotonin – our chemical centre which affects moods.Eat

B Vitamins

ighthorganic Vitaminsand Vitamin Care not found Eat in other foods. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects us from free radicals – protecting us from all sorts of diseases. Vitamin A, on the other hand is crucial in protecting the skin from sun damage – protecting us from chocolaty Benefit dermatitis.


Our body consists of around 30% fat Eat but only 10% of it is satisfactory for our taste. Your body needs high levels of fibre to stay healthy and keep its energy levels high. High levels of fibre can be found in whole grain cereals, processed carbohydrates, brown rice and pasta. These are theamazonge-fibre that enters our bloodstream unnoticed. UFABET เว็บตรง

The other 30% is made up of complex carbohydrates such as those found in bread, potatoes, pasta and pastries. These carbohydrates have a complex structure of fructose and glucose, taking up oxygen in our body and creating a negative chemical chain called ‘glucose’. Glucose directionally circulates in our blood stream from one artery to another – the more glucose that is circulating in blood, the more likely we are to be affected by the actions of the free radicals.

reatingbalancecsicles foodsin any form, because our body cannotahu Eat sustain itself on carbohydrates alone.

This is why you might find health improvement in your physical fitness being accompanied by changes in your mood and energy levels (and your weight, etc.)

Keeping our energy levels high by consuming foods which support our digestive organs (such as whole grains and fibre) will help us feel and Eat perform better, recover quicker from sickness, enhance mental alertness and concentration, andOverall, live longer.

Eating a balanced diet frequently throughout the day is an easy way to manage all the energy spikes our bodies can experience with the foods we eat. It really is also much easier than you may think to follow a healthy meal plan and achieve your fitness goals.